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The best service managers are service leaders. They build professional teams and steer them toward common goals of customer delight and professional craftsmanship. Providing excellent service, day in and day out, to each and every customer, requires effort, planning, and leadership. As your company grows and adds employees, it becomes more complex and requires more focus. Providing excellent service doesn’t come from good intentions – it comes from internal systems, hiring practices, team coaching, implementing technology, offering the right incentives, and constant learning – for you and your employees.

Service Leadership started out 12 years ago as the ACCA Service Managers Forum. It has been one of the most successful annual contractor conferences of any kind. Our presenters come from the front lines of contracting – business owners, service leaders, and other industry experts – who know how to beat competition, because they do it every day.

In addition to General and Breakout session, there will be a trip to visit Emerson’s Helix Innovation Center on the campus of the University of Dayton. The Helix features full-scale, simulated environments, including a working commercial kitchen, a two-story residential home, a grocery store, a data center, and a commercial building. The center focuses on advancing ideas from concept to prototype quickly while testing them under real-world conditions.

Event Pricing

Service Managers
Before Oct. 4
After Oct. 4
ACCA Members $499 $649
Non-Members $699 $849
Service Managers & Next Level
Before Oct. 4
After Oct. 4
ACCA Members $799 $899
Non-Members $999 $1199

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    Meet Experts & Influencers Face to Face

    Today's service manager needs to have more management skills than technical skills. A great one has a technical background, a level head, exemplary communication skills, an in-depth understanding of financial KPIs, and the ability to multi-task.

    Service Leadership can help you discover ways to be more productive and profitable, learning directly from other managers and industry experts who have been in your shoes.

  • 2

    Advice From The Trenches

    Hearing what other service managers have done to make their teams more successful can motivate you to take their lead and follow in their footsteps. They might have been through it and could inspire you to add something new to your business or change the way you do things.

    Whatever it is, meeting others who have been/are successful in your industry should inspire and motivate you to reach the same level of success.

  • 3

    Break Out of Your Comfort Zone

    In-person events force you to break out of your comfort zone. It’s easy to read a blog post or listen to a podcast from your office. You don’t have to make small talk while your YouTube video loads up.

    It takes the right mix of technical and people skills to excel in the service manager role. This event is a great way to break out of old ways of thinking that have left us in a rut in our job, and create a culture that doesn’t wait for things to happen but that proactively makes them happen.

  • 4

    Networking Opportunities

    Social media can help keep you connected to peers who are both local and “far away.” However, there’s no substitution for meeting someone IRL (in real life).

    Service Leadership is filled with opportunities to mix and mingle, form new relationships, and strengthen existing ones. Over coffee, or a beer, you may make a connection with the perfect vendor, or prospect. At a breakout session, you may find yourself sitting beside your next mentor. If you don’t go, your toughest competitor will be sitting in your seat.

  • 5

    Invest In Yourself

    Perhaps this one is self-evident. But leaving the office and sharpening your skills is investing in yourself. It’s admitting that you’re worth it. It’s admitting that you still have things to learn. That you can get better.

    It’s an investment in yourself, your career, and even your company. When you purchase that meeting ticket, you’re saying that you’re investing in your own growth.

  • 6

    The Energy of Like-Minded Individuals

    There’s nothing like being in a room of like-minded people. Other people who are willing to take time away from the office to learn something new. Other people who want to “better” themselves.

    When you sit in a session, you'll discover that you’re not alone in wanting to improve your skills and bring something back to your company. Here you can create a support system of peers that are united in helping each other.

Schedule Of Events

7:00 AM - 8:00 AM
Registration Opens/Breakfast Available
8:00 AM - 9:15 AM
Make Expertise Your Critical Currency
Thought leadership is critical to achieving success and independence in just about every career and in every context. If you are a management consultant at a big firm, a solopreneur setting up shop or someone aspiring to shift into consulting, true expertise is the critical currency to make that happen. Every executive and leader can build thought leadership and expertise to advance their careers and achieve autonomy and pricing power. Let me speak to your company group to tell you how.
Eddie Yoon, EddieWouldGrow, LLC
Eddie Yoon, EddieWouldGrow, LLC
9:30 AM - 10:30 AM
Breakout Session 1
Multi-Generational Leadership: Tips for Managing and Motivating a Diverse Team
With the influx of Millennials in the workforce, we are faced with the challenge of simultaneously training and leading multiple generations to be effective team members. In this session, Chris will break down the three biggest myths about recruiting and managing Millennials, including what motivates them and how to speak their language. He will provide you with tactics and skills for developing systems that lessen the generation gap and unite your team members to work together to achieve common goals, increase sales, and develop a strong culture.
Chris Crew, The Blue Collar Success Group
Chris Crew, The Blue Collar Success Group
Visual Storytelling is Good for Business
Our world is fast paced, and businesses are competing for attention at an alarming rate. What can you do to stand out and make your business more appealing to customers? Join ACCA Manager of Communications, Deb Weiner, and Schedule Engine, Head of Sales, Ray Clark as they explore ways to incorporate videos and pictures into customer communications and campaigns.
Ray Clark, Schedule Engine
Ray Clark, Schedule Engine
Deb Weiner, ACCA
Deb Weiner, ACCA
10:45 AM - 11:45 AM
Breakout Session 2
Reclaim to New
Refrigerant recovery should be easy. We all want to do the right thing, but confusion and difficulty can be a pain. There’s a better way. Join Bill as he walks you through Walton and Company’s Reclaim to New refrigerant recovery program that is saving them time, money AND keeping them on the right side of the law.
Bill Vervaeke, Walton & Company
Bill Vervaeke, Walton & Company
Good Employees are Gold
We all need good employees. But they don't grow on trees. Learn from Matt & Ben how to set up your employees for success through an employee retention program.
Matt Marsiglio, Flame Furnace
Matt Marsiglio, Flame Furnace
Ben Kelley, CroppMetcalfe
Ben Kelley, CroppMetcalfe
12:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Lunch Session/Helix Tour (Group 1 & 2 - You Will Attend Both Sessions)
Customer Convenience Case Studies
Customer convenience is the new dominating factor in service differentiation. The case studies featured in this session are derived from Steve Coscia’s hands-on, face-to-face interaction while serving leading contractors nationwide. Coscia drives his pickup from coast to coast, delivering seminars and consulting with clients, and he has amassed substantial evidence for the next wave of customer experience innovation. The companies who win in this new environment must invest in management training, a customer-centric employee culture and user-friendly infrastructure that makes it easy for customers to buy. This session will feature trends, metrics and strategies for winning future customers and transforming current customers into promoters.

Emerson Helix Innovation Center Tour
Emerson’s Helix Innovation Center on the campus of the University of Dayton. The Helix features full-scale, simulated environments, including a working commercial kitchen, a two-story residential home, a grocery store, a data center, and a commercial building. The center focuses on advancing ideas from concept to prototype quickly while testing them under real-world conditions. https://climate.emerson.com/en-us/tools-resources/the-helix
Steve Coscia, Coscia Communications
Steve Coscia, Coscia Communications
3:30 PM - 4:30 PM
Panel Discussion: Preventing Your Software From Becoming a Nightmare
Inefficient software systems cost you big bucks. They also drive everyone crazy and make work a hassle. Join ACCA Corporate Partners from leading service software companies and discuss ways to improve your functionality and efficiency saving you time, employees and money.
Kirby Oscar, FieldEdge
Kirby Oscar, FieldEdge
Brett Faulk, HP Inc.
Brett Faulk, HP Inc.
Shuan Cartright, 3C Connect
Shuan Cartright, 3C Connect
Aaron Salow, XOi Technologies
Aaron Salow, XOi Technologies
Alyssa Bennet, Housecall Pros
Alyssa Bennet, Housecall Pros
Maria Taylor, ACHR News - Moderator
Maria Taylor, ACHR News - Moderator
4:30 PM - 5:30 PM
Vendor Reception/Product Showcase
Visit and chat with vendors offering a wide variety of resources and services for the HVAC industry. Grab a glass of wine or a beer and some appetizers and enjoy this time with fellow attendees.
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
ACCA After Hours
ACC After HoursDavisware, Inc., XOi Technologies, and Merchant e-Solutions have teamed up for some fun at the American Packard Museum.

Enjoy unlimited drinks, fun food stations, old school music, and some of our favorite life size childhood games.

Transportation to the American Packard Museum provided outside Crowne Plaza Hotel: 6:50 PM, 7:00 PM, and 7:15 PM

Transportation from the American Packard Museum to the Crowne Plaza Hotel: 8:45 PM, 9:00 PM, and 9:15 PM.

8:00 AM - 9:00 AM
Breakout Session 1
Top 11 Reasons Why New Managers (Plus some experienced ones) Fail in Their Role
It’s the same scenario, no matter what type of business you are employed in. A hard working, very productive employee with a fantastic attitude gets promoted to a leadership role. Over a few months or perhaps even several years may go by and that person either starts becoming a problem, quits or may even ask to be returned to their previous position.

We may also be the manager who is struggling to keep team members on board, the moment we get someone up to speed, they decide to leave to work for a competitor.

Is it just how things are today? Or is it something we, as managers, coaches and leaders may be able to address or change? In this session, Frank Besednjak will discuss the key characteristics to look for in employees who have interest in being promoted to a leadership position. Besednjak will also examine the main reasons managers fail and how to avoid them and/or fix them.
Frank Besednjak, The Training Source
Frank Besednjak, The Training Source
Can You Even Do That?
Join Hilary as she and leading contractors explore and suggest solutions for some of the toughest HR and employment challenges.
Hilary Atkins, ACCA
Hilary Atkins, ACCA
9:15 AM - 10:15 AM
Breakout Session 2
Let's Wrap This Up
Events like this can seem like you're drinking from a firehose of information. It can be too much to process at once. But we've got someone who can help. Join Eric as he helps you navigate the pressure, break things down into smaller questions and answers, build your network of peers, and work through incorporating what you've learned back in your office.
Eric Knaak, Isaac Heating & Air Conditioning
Eric Knaak, Isaac Heating & Air Conditioning
Safety Is For Winners
Did you know you're probably losing money by not paying attention to your driver behavior? Learn how a few minor changes to your driver behavior can save you time and money.
Del Lisk, Lytx
Del Lisk, Lytx
10:30 AM - 11:45 AM
The Professional Customer Approach - Closing Session
You only have seconds to begin reversing the negative stigma that a potential customer has about you which means the initial approach that you use is crucial.

• Become a trusted adviser and not the stereotypical salesperson
• Learn the art of asking questions and actively listening
• Develop long term customer relationships that will repeat, refer and request you.
• Increase your close rate
• Learn the difference between a suspect and prospect
Marvin Montgomery
Marvin Montgomery


Nominate your service manager today for the 2019 Service Manager of the Year Award!

Service managers who work for an ACCA member company in good standing are eligible and must be nominated by their company's owner, president, or general manager. The ideal candidate promotes teamwork amongst all departments, emphasizes the importance of continuous training and learning, develops programs to motivate employees, and focuses on providing superior customer service.

The deadline to submit nominations is September 20, 2019. The 2019 award winner will be presented with ACCA's American flag that was flown over the United States Capitol Building on National HVAC Technician Day. The flag was flown by Congressman Markwayne Mullin (OK-2), former President of Mullin Plumbing, Heating and Air.

Contracting company owners, presidents, and general managers can nominate their service manager for the award at www.acca.org/members/awards/smotyaward.

*The 2019 Service Manager of the Year is expected to attend the 2019 Service Manager Forum in Dayton, OH, where they will be honored in front of their peers as the top service manager in the country.

Past Service Manager of the Year award winners include:

Eric Bridgeman
2018 Eric Bridgeman
Classic Air's One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning
Chris Gessner
2017 Chris Gessner
Schaafsma Heating & Cooling Co.
Carol Grooms
2016 Carol Grooms
Carolina Comfort Air, Inc.

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